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Tax Tips

Taxable or Non-Taxable  -  Instances when income may not be taxable...also search at 

Sale of Residence  -  Ownership and use tests to claim exclusion of  gain from sale of main residence
Renting Vacation Property  -  Issues with property you both rent and use
Rental Income and Expenses  -  Know what to include in income and deduct as expenses 

Business vs Hobby  -  Guidelines determining if an activity is business or hobby and its deductions 

Senior & Retirees   -  FAQs, Publications, Tax Facts, and  if your Social Security benefits are taxable

Canadian Sellers  -  Learn about exceptions from FIRPTA withholding

Free Tax Preparation - AARP Tax-Aide or the Volunteer Income Tax Assistance site at Mesa United Way


          For competent advice on real estate taxation, contact an Enrolled Agent who are federally licensed tax practitioners

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